Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Something's waiting for me at the post office...

So excited.  After worrying about a box of Transformers sitting in Tokyo for the last 3 weeks (according to its tracking number), today it suddenly said it has arrived at my postcode... which hopefully means that when I check my postbox tomorrow morning, I have a big surprise waiting.  It'd be like a late birthday present (as it was supposed to be here last week), but I don't care. I'm just excited about one particular item in it... but details on that when it arrives.
But before that is revealed, here's what arrived during November.
DotM Optimus Cyberblaster (electronic, and fires 10 darts by pump action - very fun)
Brown Sth American Gen1 Brawn (my first Sth American Gen1 figure, about another 20 to collect now)
TF2 Battlecharger Hyperspeed sideswipe (finishes the set, and only BBTS had it)
Seacons (Snaptrap, Skalor, Tentakil, Nautilator, Overbite, Seawing) (also from BBTS, on sale for only $45)
Legion Starscream (just as I got the four from this wave, they finally show up in Australia... sigh)
Human Alliance Leadfoot (expensive, but unlikely to appear here)
JP DotM Bumblebee dual model kit (soooo many pieces... this one will take a while)
JP Tomica Diecast Optimus (smaller than the RPMs Optimus, but has a trailer, so really cool)
JP EZ Chronicle series 1 (Bbee, Jazz, Trailbreaker, Megatron, Thundercracker, DotM Megatron, DotM Optimus - set was missing Gen1 Optimus, but is being sent from BBTS)
TFPrime First Edition Entertainment 2-pack (Optimus, Megatron, 3 humans) (I wasn't too impressed with this set)
TFPrime First Edition Bumblebee (didn't like it much, and mine came with 2 right thighs)
JP Kabaya model kit series 5 (Hotrod, Victoryleo, Inferno) (simple, but very well done - each one took about an hour or two to complete)
JP 2010 Reissue Predacons (Rampage, Razorclaw, Headstrong, Divebomb, Tantrum) (found a cheap set, but wasn't really looking for these - I do like the gold colouring though)
DotM Lunarfire Optimus (arrived just as it appeared in Australia - an interesting gold colouring to it)
DotM Track Battle Roadbuster (horrible orange, but is an actual colour variant of the real race car)
DotM Battle in the Moonlight 3-pack (Op, Ratchet, Cranckase) (another store exclusive I imported, thinking that it wouldn't be released here, but a week later it did... sigh)
Ultimate 5-pack (Optimus, Powerglide, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Crankcase) (very uninspiring redecos)
DotM Human Alliance Crosshairs (just a green recolour of an earlier toy I haven't yet played with... :p )
Speed Stars 06 of 06: Enforcer Ironhide (red) vs Mixmaster (white) (only 4 of the 110-ish left to track down - these ones were surprisingly well painted for Speed Stars, which cut back most paint apps after it changed from RPMs)
The second Transformers Playdoh set (a bit of fun for kiddies if you got em)
TF3 DVD and Comic compilations from book depository, covering the last year of TFs from IDW.
That brings me up to 3,450 TFs toys in the collection.
Now to see if December can compete or top November...

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