Wednesday, 7 December 2011

BotCon 2012 - it begins...

The location and dates for the annual official Transformers convention (BotCon) were announced yesterday, allowing those interested to begin their travel plans, and book hotel rooms.

It's back in Texas this year (it was in Texas in 2005), but in a different location - Dallas, instead of Fort Worth (which was nearby), during the weekend of 26-29 April, 2012.

I went to the one in 2005, so will be familiar with the airport and climate... but am not too excited about much else that is there (for tourists).  Hopefully they have some nice food places there, as their steaks (and food servings in genera) are supposed to be big in Texas.
The bad news straight up though, was finding out that the Convention hotel was booked out of their BotCon-rate rooms within 90 minutes of the announcement of the location.  I ended up getting stuck with a room that is costing me an extra $70 a night... but at least it is at the Convention hotel (which is most convenient, and has a unique atmosphere when seeing and hearing all the fans/collectors walking around the place during that weekend.
QANTAS just had a sale too, that had $900 one-way to Dallas tickets...  but it just ended yesterday (I need time to work out what days I want to travel, and what else I'm doing while in America). I'll have to keep an eye out for more sale fares... every dollar I save on BotCon travel, I can spend there (not to mention being able to afford a trip to the Singapore convention in March - but that's another adventure to talk about later, if I end up committing myself to).

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