Saturday, 17 December 2011

HJs Onion Rings challenge - plus sauces road-test

With my addiction to Onion Rings from Hungry Jacks (that's Burger King for any Americans reading this), I was wondering yesterday - just what is my limit... in other words, how many can I eat at once, either by way of being full, or just being sick of the taste.
I thought maybe a hundred would be the limit. So on the way home from work, I stopped at the Algester HJs (the drive-through) and asked, roughly how many Rings are in a large serving. They said 21 (it must be a set amount - I wonder if that number changes at different stores or over time to cut costs), so I ordered 6 large serves. (and one of those delicious BBQ Bacon Angus XT burgers, to eat on the drive home)

Returning home, I piled all the Rings onto a plate.

A mountain of Onion Rings (and all that saturated fat)...

I forgot to count them before I started eating them (while they were fresh), so am just assuming that each serving had 21 as promised... giving me 126.

I had asked how many sauces they had (which are free at HJs, unlike KFC that charges almost a dollar for), and was told they had 6 different sauces.  I asked for one of each, and was handed a bag full of sauces...

I ended up getting 3 of each of the square ones, and 5 of the tomato ketchup ones. Way more than I needed, but since they were so generous, I then had the idea to road-test their sauces... when eaten with Onion Rings.
So this ended up being a two-fold event - an Onion Ring eating challenge, and a road-test of their sauces for future reference.

I opened up each of the sauces, ready for usage (and to show off the different colours and textures.

From left...
Sweet & Sour - very sweet, not much sour. Works well enough with the stronger flavour of Onion Rings  3/5
Honey Mustard - slightly creamy, and not too sweet (the mildness makes it more addictive). Has a slight mustardy after-taste though. 4/5
BBQ Plum - pretty ordinary. Not a strong flavour, so can hardly taste it on the onion rings. 2/5
Spicy - very creamy, but also very bitey. Surprisingly, after a while it actually isn't too bad. 3/5
Sweet Chilli - Sweet and bitey, which works well with onion rings. 4/5
Tomato Ketchup - standard ketchup, so nothing special (I think ketchup is meant to be slightly different to tomato sauce). 3.5/5

As for the eating challenge side of things... After 15 minutes, I was almost half done.

Another 10 minutes, a quarter was left.

I was starting to slow down, but the road-testing of the sauces was keeping me going. I think if they were sauce-less, it would have taken longer.
So another 5-10 minutes, I had made it past the 100 mark, and only had 12 left.

I had finished testing the sauces by now (only ended up using one of each of the square ones, and four of the ketchup ones), so opened up another Honey Mustard, since it was my favourite of the six, and finished off the rest easily. Even with that Premium Angus burger before I started.

Maybe I shoulda bought some more... :p

I don't even want to think about the calorie and fat count of those 126 Onion Rings. I just gotta burn it all off now, before my next road-test or challenge.  Since I ran out of Onion Rings this time, I'm just gonna have to try again with more, just to see what my limit actually is... but not for a couple months though.
For now though, the home smells of Onion Rings, making me crave them again.  Actually, everything seems to smell of Onion Rings, including all the excretions - solid, liquid and... GAS... ewwww!!!

Hmmm.... I just noticed that Kettle Chips are half price at Coles this week. Uh oh... now I have a craving for those yummy slow-cooked chips. :(

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