Saturday, 10 December 2011

Pringles, Pringles and more Pringles.

Since Pringles were half price at Coles this week, I ended up having a huge craving for them. And since Coles have all the 11 current flavours in this country (as opposed to Woolies only having 3), I had an idea to "test drive" all the flavours at once.   Well, this is a blog about my food interests...

So I bought up the 11 different flavours (they musta stopped making the salt-n-vinegar flavour, because it wasn't being stocked anymore)... which included -
Original, Sour Cream & Onion (their original flavours in this country)
Pizza, Hot & Spicy, BBQ (added about a year ago)
Tomato Sauce, Honey Mustard, Cheddar Cheese, Tasty Bacon, Multigrain Original, Multigrain Sour Cream & Onion (added a few months ago)

In the photo above, the chips are out to show the differences in their colours & textures. It also shows that the Multigrain varieties are only 140gm compared to 150gm of the regular ones.

Now for the taste test...
Tomato Sauce - Tastes like I'm sucking the sauce straight from the bottle. Very nicely done, with the tangy tomato... they nailed the flavour of Tomato Sauce. Probably a bit too strong in the intensity though. 4.5/5
Cheddar Cheese - This has a nice subtle cheese flavour, which is better than the over-flavoured cheese snacks out there. It means you can eat more of these before getting sick of that artificial cheese taste. 3/5
Pizza -When this flavour first came out I was really excited, but was the most disappointing flavour. With the main flavour ingredient being MSG, this should have been called 'MSG flavour' not 'Pizza flavour'.  The only way you could possibly get a stronger hit of MSG, is by snorting a line of the stuff. :p  Seriously though, MSG is not a "flavour", it is an artificial enhancer of other flavours... and yet snack foods like to use it as the sole flavour, and claim it to be natural. Maggi were the same with their Oriental flavoured 2-minute noodles, or at least used to be (I haven't had them for years though), with just MSG as *the flavour*.   1/5
Tasty Bacon - Even the smell of this one is like real bacon, which is impressive.  So when you're eating and smelling the chips, you just think that there is something wrong with the texture, because Bacon shouldn't be crispy like this. The saltiness can get a bit much after a while, but that's a long while. 4.5/5
BBQ - So sweet and slightly smokey... this is my favourite flavour. I can eat these until I'm too full to eat another bite. 5/5
Honey Mustard - My second favourite flavour, it's a perfectly subtle sweet mustard flavour. 5/5
Hot & Spicy - I'm not a fan of Hot/Spicy flavours, and since I don't like these ones much, they are probably as strong as they need to be... not too hot to have you throw away the rest and be put off the brand, and not too subtle to disappoint those specifically buying them to be "bitten back" by the flavour. 2/5
Original - A nice light salting, that exposes you to the unique texture and taste of Pringles chips, which appears to be pressed (mashed) potato rather than slices of potato.  For me though, it's just a bit too salty, especially after eating over half a tin at once. 3/5
Sour Cream & Onion - A classic flavour, which is done well. When I eat this one, it's like I've actually eaten a plain cracker dipped in a french onion dip. I can taste the lingering dip flavour for some time afterward (which could be a bad thing if you don't end up liking this flavour). 3.5/5
Multigrain Original - You can taste a deeper flavour of the rice and grains (the main ingredients) of this one, but has a stronger salt taste to it than the regular Original version.  I like this one better than the regular Original version because of that extra depth to the flavour, and a slightly coarser texture. 3.5/5
Multigrain Sour Cream & Onion - For some reason, it doesn't taste as good as the regular Sour Cream & Onion version.  Perhaps the stronger flavours of the base ingredients (rice & grains) isn't as compatible as potato. Still, a nice texture and flavour. 3/5

If you think that that is a lot of flavours, check out how many more the Americans have to choose from. Searching and sampling their different flavours is one of my objectives each year when I go over for the annual Transformers Convention.

So that's it for my first comparative review of foods on this new blog.  Now to go gorge on the rest of the chips... after all, I can't waste them. :p

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