Monday, 19 March 2012

Australian Transformers Competition - and I won something

Started March 5th was one of those rare occasions that Australian fans have a Hasbro-run competition for Transformers... with 2 major prizes (to Universal Studios in America), and 56 daily prize-packs (of various toys and merchandise).
With the daily prize draws starting before there was any notice of the competition, people who entered early would have a good chance of winning... so I guess it shouldn't surprise me to be contacted to say that one of my 10 entries (a week after it started) was drawn as a daily winner.
With a value of about $516 (high end Australian retail price, so probably worth half that in America), that's like the biggest value prize I've ever won. (the last best prize was a mystery flight that was about $150-200)

So I verified my details, and was told that it's on its way...

The prize pack appears to have items that I already have, or don't really want... but I'm still kinda excited though, as it is like a surprise Christmas present, and maybe something will be included that I do want.

I'll try to check the post office Monday to see if it has arrived, as it wasn't here yet on Saturday.

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  1. Congratulations! Troubleshooting is a very difficult task because Australian transformers have many complicated parts and part's design is like a matrix.