Monday, 19 March 2012

Pizza Hut Signature Pizzas

I'm a huge fan of the Pizza Capers "gourmet styled" pizza... as they have toppings big enough you can chew. So when Pizza Hut started advertising a gourmet range of their own, that looked quite nice on TV, it was on the agenda to try out.
I kinda figured that they would have 3 or 4 different ones... but when went to a nearby outlet, they had 14!!!

Okay, so I'm not going to buy 14 expensive ($15) pizzas to try out, so I picked 4 that were as different as possible - a beef one, one with chicken, one with seafood, and a spicy one (because it had the fancy looking Corn Chips in the middle on the commercial).

Steakhouse - which was really nice with all the chunky chewable beef bits and BBQ sauce. 4/5

Surf & Turf - also very nice, with the big beef chunks and prawns. 4/5

Italian Chicken - again, the chunks of meat give the sort of texture that pizzas should have. 3/5

Mexicana - more show than substance. Not significantly different to normal spicy/Mexican pizzas. The fancy thing about this one is having about a dozen corn chips in the middle, and a tub of guacamole to add to the pizza or chips later. 3/5

I'd love to try all of the different Signature pizzas, but can't afford the cost (not just talking about the dollar cost either... think about all the calories 14 pizzas would give one person). But if you can afford to try one or two, these ones looked to be the better ones, and didn't disappoint.
I still rate Pizza Capers as the best Pizza franchise in this country, but now Pizza Hut joins Eagle Boys (for their desert pizzas) as recommended options, leaving Dominos a very distant fourth.

For a good look at the full range, check out the menu on the Pizza Hut website.

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