Sunday, 18 March 2012

KFC Kebabs

The latest feature item from KFC is the Kebab.
It didn't look very fancy, as it appeared to be created by ingredients already on hand... like an over-sized Sweet Chilli Twister.  Looking closer though, it has tabouli and humus added, for a more "Greek" styled flavour.

So I bought a couple yesterday to try out. Packed with so many flavours, I'm not sure what "flavour" it is trying to be.
The packaging had three options on it (Original, Special, Spicy), but they only had the one available - Original.
They could have even did this Kebab concept with a few different flavour options - Traditional (Greek styled tabouli & humus sauce), Sweet Chilli (which they used anyway, combined with the Greek style of ingredients), or Barbecue (a standard flavour of some of their burgers).

These are the kebabs with a Tower burger (one of my favourite burgers of theirs, for having a hash brown included, for more variety with textures and tastes).

So as mentioned above, they kebab is a combination of flavours, making it "messy" with each flavour competing for dominance.
The tabouli is a strong flavour (because of the parsley), so needed a strong sauce to go with it.  Unfortunately, the sauce they included is Sweet Chilli... an equally strong, bitey flavour.
Now, keep in mind that you have chicken in this thing, which is supposed to be the central ingredient... but with two dominant, competing flavours overpowering the subtle flavour of chicken, this KFC kebab probably could have left out the chicken or even had some cheap-cut chicken (as this is being marketed as using premium free-range chicken), and still end up having the same taste and texture. (yes, the same texture - look at the photo, at the big lump of flat-bread folded up in the middle, that's bigger than the chicken... remove the chicken and you still have a big chewy filling)
Basically, what's the point of making the product more expensive with a "fancy" ingredient, it they smother it.  They'd make the product more appealing with cheaper chicken, as a cheaper kebab price would make it sell more than a free-range kebab would.

Nice, and recommended if you can stand parsley flavour, as the tabouli isn't everyone's cup of tea.
And best to get it as part of a large meal, to make it better value than just getting the kebab on its own.

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