Saturday, 17 March 2012

Transformers Prime Soundwave is soooo small

The TFPrime First Edition toys that were "redone" in the regular series, have all been noticeably smaller (Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Optimus), so when I got Soundwave, it just looked really small in robot mode. I wanted to see just how much smaller this Deluxe class was now getting...

I grabbed a few recent figures that were a size-class smaller, and put Soundwave in the middle.
 From left - 2 PowerCore Combiner figures (priced here at about AU$20 with a Minicon), Soundwave (priced at about AU$25-30), and two Human Alliance figures (priced here at about AU$20 with a human figurine).
The figure has about the same amount of plastic mass as the other four, but is good 30-50% more expensive here (and in America, as their retail prices of those other four were about US$10 compared to Soundwave at US$12).
It just makes it that much more difficult to buy locally, when you take into account the exchange rate, and the shrinking size of the toys.  We are paying more for less, and the only way to counteract it now is importing from America, for half the price.

While on the topic of shrinking toys, I took these pics of Bumblebee at the same time (to show that they are different designs, but the size difference became more interesting).
In car mode (Regular version on the left, First Edition on the right - using the NYCC redeco)
Underneath you can see the differences a lot more easily.
And in robot mode, the quickest way to tell which version of Bumblebee you are looking at (online or in person) are the doors - the First Edition version has hinged windows that fold down... the regular edition has fixed windows.

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