Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Coke Zero Vanilla on clearance - stock up!

Thanks to my friend Darren in Sydney... or more accurately, his mum... I found out that the limited edition 1.5 litre Coca Cola Zero Vanilla flavour is on clearance at Coles (probably at the end of its run and Coles are just wanting to offload the remaining stock).
The regular price of the 1.5 litre bottles are about $2.90 (which is really expensive, so I'd never buy it at full price), so imagine my surprise to hear that it was being discounted to $1 a bottle. At about 65% off, the price per litre was actually less than generic brand soft drinks.
So while Darren was was clearing out some stores in Sydney, I was spending a few days in Melbourne for the Annual Toy & Hobby Trade show... leaving me eagerly wanting to return home to find these and buy up big.
After all, I saw this mountain in a Melbourne store...
 ...so I figured that there should still be some back home in Brisbane.
I bought 6 bottles for my 3 days in Melbourne... and three days later, as soon as I landed at home, I headed straight to the Coles near my house.
Sure enough, they had about 50 bottles left.
A quick price-check to make sure that they were $1 each, and grabbing a trolley... this was the result, 42 bottles later...
I just have to finish them off within a couple months though, as they have a "best before" date of 6th of May... so might start tasting funny after that.

I recommend trying this out before they disappear, as we don't get much variety with cola soft drinks in this country... unlike in America, which have cherry, vanilla, lemon, lime... and probably some other varieties as well.
And the good thing is, this version of Vanilla cola is sugar-free, so you don't have to feel as guilty about consuming heaps of calories.

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