Tuesday, 13 March 2012

First March Transformers

So I caved and bought some TF Prime toys domestically... despite saying that I wouldn't. Or at least, thinking that I wouldn't, as it is so much cheaper to import from America now (thanks to the exchange rate, and American toy companies not passing on the savings).
Anyway, Target had a 20% off sale this week, making the Legion figures $5.60 (compared to the US$5 price in America - which means this would be cheaper than importing them).

So the Target store near me had them, and I bought them up (along with some TFs Easter items).
And out of packaging, next to some Movie Legions for size comparison.
I like the look of the Vehicon and Cliffjumper figures in vehicle mode.
Arcee and Cliffjumper have creative transformations, while the other three have fairly standard transformations like Movie Bumblebee.
Ratchet feels a bit cheap, and as you can see above, is noticeably small.
The weapons are cheap and spoil the toys. They are ugly coloured, bendy, and weapons aren't unique to each figure. They recycle them, and since they are the same colours, you can mix them up easily.

I like the idea of being able to have the entire cast in this smaller, more fun, format... even if they are a bit simplistic, they pull off both modes well enough to be able to play out the events of the cartoon (or play with friends) without having to spend half an hour transforming the toys.
And so far, Soundwave seems to be the only cartoon character from the first season to not yet have a Legion or Commander class figure announced.
For those not planning to buy all of these, I recommend Vehicon and Cliffjumper.

I also picked up from the post office the other day, the two Collector Club toys - Drift and Over-Run/Runabout.
 Drift is pretty ordinary, and didn't come with the big gun (it was said to have Blurr's guns, but I don't remember them saying that it was only 2 of Blurr's guns).
Over-Run is nice, but will be better when Runamuck is released in a few months time.

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