Saturday, 3 March 2012

My poor Beast Wars Rampage

Recently I was taking some photos of my toys, and I had to clean up some dust off them as I got them out.
All well and good, as a clean toy is better than a dirty one... right?
Not so it seems. As I got to my Transmetal Rampage, I gave a quick wipe over the "shoulders" with the soft cloth I was using, and to my horror, all the red shiny plating was rubbing right off like it was butter.

Not sure what's happened here, but perhaps the high humidity and dust has weakened the bonding of the vacuum plating. But it has only seemed to have affected the red colouring layer. There is still a silver layer on the plastic... weird, and annoying, as it means I now have to get a new one.
So be careful people with your transmetal toys... as there is obviously something happening here that could affect other people's toys.

The mighty Rampage... not so mighty any more.
So sad. :(


  1. :( i've the same problem with my Takara Transformers Collection Astrotrain :( really wonder if there's a way to prevent it from spreading further or something

  2. Man, that sucks. Perhaps some sort of spray on overcoat could provide protection? I love the look of chrome, but hate it that I am so scared of scraping it, especially on some of my older toys.