Saturday, 17 March 2012

Eagle Boys Desert Pizzas

I love pizza, and I love sweet stuff... so you can imagine that a combination of the two would be right up my alley.
The two major pizza franchises (Pizza Hut & Dominos) have had the occasional desert pizza, as limited edition concepts, but Eagle Boys is the franchise that has them (three) as permanent fixtures on their menu.
And recently they've had a fourth one as a limited edition pizza I think, as it is a fancy one, and wasn't there a couple months ago when I was last there.
The regular ones are:
Apple Crumble
Triple Chocolate
Strawberry (and white chocolate?)

The fancy one is a Strawberry, chocolate & profiterole.

Each of the regular ones are about a quarter of the size of a regular pizza, while the fancy one is about a third.

About a week ago, I went to get one of each of the regular ones at the Springwood outlet, but they told me that they were out of the Apple Crumble one (one of the two I liked). So I decided to try the fancy one with the other two regular ones they did have.

A photo of the three...

Strawberry Choc, Strawberry Profiterol, Triple Choc.

Apple Crumble
From the last time I got it, this was one of the better ones, as it was pretty much like normal Apple Crumble - sweet, crumbly, and chewy (from the pizza base, instead of pastry base of a normal apple crumble desert).
Very recommended. 4/5

Triple Chocolate
I love the way the different types of chocolate on this, take on different textures when hot. There's crunchy, liquidy, and fudgey textures, on a chewy pizza base. Very messy though, and looks messy too, but well worth adding to a pizza order for desert. 4/5

Strawberry (and white chocolate?)
I won't be a good judge when it comes to strawberries as I don't like their texture. It's why I wouldn't have bought the fancy one in addition to this one if they had the Apple one available.  Unfortunately, the oven-baked strawberries end up being a hot mushy/slimy mess, which is an even worse texture to "chew" on.  I tried one and ended up picking off the rest. It left a nice strawberry flavour, which was good, but I couldn't eat this pizza with whole strawberries on it. 2/5
If it had a good strawberry jam on the pizza instead of the whole strawberries, this would be very recommended.

Strawberry, chocolate & profiterole.
Not wanting to repeat myself, but the strawberries were picked off, to leave the flavour, without having to eat the hot, slimy fruit itself.  The profiteroles were cream filled, and take on a nice soft texture when hot, unlike their "fresh" room-temperature state. I liked this one without the strawberries, but have to mark it down because of how it is in its full form.
Again, if they had a good quality strawberry (or even a mixed berry) jam/conserve, this would be so much nicer, and easier to sell to the demographic that eats (processed) pizza over fresh fruit. 2/5

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  1. Hmm, that is some crazy stuff there. The Apple Crumble one I can understand, but the other two, well, lets just hope that people don't eat them with their eyes, otherwise there i going to be some visual vomit. They look horrible...