Tuesday, 27 March 2012

M&Ms new Coconut flavour - very nice

These came out in America two years ago, and I was hooked on them while over there for a couple weeks. (actually, M&Ms come in a few extra flavours over there - peanut butter, pretzel, premium mint, premium trio)

My favourite flavour was Almond, and last year, we finally had it released in Australia... which is probably a bad thing for my health. :p
So having the Coconut flavour appear here last month, means I have even more "American" candy to desensitise myself to before my annual trip to the Transformers Convention there.  (I go nuts over the junk food over there that isn't available here)

So here are the two newest additions to the Australian M&Ms family.

You have to at least try the Almond ones, as they are like Scorched Almonds with a candy shell. And while you're there, try a pack of the Coconut ones as well.

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