Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Transformers Competition Prize Pack contents

As I posted up last week, I won a daily prize pack in the current Transformers competition in Australia.
Now that I have picked it up from the post office, this is what I got:

Two Leader-sized toys - Bumblebee & Sentinel Prime
Two Deluxe-sized toys - Thundercracker & Armor Topspin
A Revving Robot toy - Optimus
PS3 Game
Big Tin with books inside
Various other books

It's a pity that these items are so old (Hasbro clearing out stock that retailers no longer wanted), that I already own anything of interest/value in all of that.
The only things I don't already have are the various books and the backpack.  I'll keep the big tin (with the Autobot Logo on the top), and maybe some of the books, but the rest will end up being given away.
As disappointing as the contents were for me, it was still nice to have won something.  The quoted retail value was the most I've ever won before, but the actual value to me ends up being about $50.
Now, if I won the grand prize, then I'd be REALLY happy...

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