Monday, 19 March 2012

Australian wildlife Jerky

Ever eaten Kangaroo, Emu or Crocodile?

Kangaroo is easy to buy at the grocery store (Woolies have stocked it for years), and I vaguely recall trying Emu and Crocodile from a restaurant in Darwin (when I was up there a couple years ago). But when I saw at the airport, in the Australia Way store (they have a store in each of the major airports here), Jerky (cured meat) for those three animals, I was morbidly curious as to how they tasted... in a cured form.
On my way down to Melbourne at the beginning of this month for the Annual Toy & Hobby Trade Fair, I checked the AW store in Sydney, and they only had Kangaroo & Crocodile. Then when I arrived in Melbourne I checked their store, and they had the third.
The Kangaroo was $8, the Emu was $13, while the Crocodile was $18.
That's for just 50grams too!
That equates to $360 per kilo for the Crocodile Jerky!!!

Okay, while you digest that little financial fact, here's a photo.

I didn't open them until I returned home to Brisbane.
The Kangaroo had a strong, gamey/roadkill taste... similar to the fresh Kangaroo meat from Woolies.
The Emu was salty at first, but was saturated with spices, so could have been any type of meat.
And the Crocodile must have been a salt-water croc, as it smelt like crustacean, and had a bit of a seafood taste to it.
All three of them are packed with herbs, spices and flavour enhancers, making this more of a novelty than an actual sampling/tasting of the actual animals/meats.
Not recommended at that price, unless you want to be able to say you tried "exotic" Australian meats. If it were easier to find a butcher that sells, or could sell those meats, it might be better to try the real thing instead, even if it cost a little more.
Like I said above, these are just a novelty... more for the international tourists I think.

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