Thursday, 15 March 2012

Vegemite Cheesybite - strange name, tasty stuff

I rarely eat Vegemite (for those who aren't Australian or don't know what Vegemite is - it is a black sandwich spread, derived from vegetables, and is very salty and strong in flavour)... but have been loving this new mild versions - called Cheesybite.

Getting past it's short-lived regrettable original name (iSnack 2.0 - yeah, how stupidly lame was that), the spread itself is meant to be a milder form of Vegemite, by being blended with cream-cheese. I think it just should have been called "Vegemite mild" with the original being subtitled "bold" or "full flavour"... just to keep the uniform Vegemite branding.
So name aside, I just love having this refrigerated, so that it is cold and firm, and just eating it with a spoon (it is that mild and creamy).
Try it out. Probably on a piece of bread first... but it is definitely a good way of getting people used to the taste of Vegemite, without being put off by the full strength of the original.
(and those Vegemite chips last year were a really bad idea)

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